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Grey Flat Cable Clips with Fixing Nail Bag of 50

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Grey Flat Cable Clips with Fixing Nail 50pcs is made from high-quality PE stabilized plastic, providing excellent insulation properties without adding much weight to the cable clip itself. These clips also have galvanized steel nails, providing superior corrosion resistance while simultaneously having strong load capacity! Plus, they're easy enough for anyone to install themselves by just hammering them into place - no need for expensive tools like

Grey Flat Cable Clips

Sizes available- 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm

50 Pieces in Plastic packing

Ensure that the correct size of the clip is selected to fit the cable being fixed.

Wide Use - Provide secure fixation for RG8X, RG58, RG59 or LMR 240 coax cable, RG6 digital video or audio coaxial cable, Ethernet Cat 5, Cat 6 network cable, 12 to 16 AWG speaker wire, phone wire, USB cable, etc.


We all know that cables can be frustrating, but there is no need for this! With our premium cable clips, you'll never have to worry about your wires falling again. Our strong clips will hold your cables up in place without damaging the surface underneath or leaving behind any sticky residue when removed. No more messy tangles or frayed ends - just neatness at its best! 


The problem with most cable management solutions is that they're either too weak or leave plastic that will last you years of daily use without wearing out quickly like other cheap alternatives on the market today. Best of all? When you want to remove our fine-quality clip from wherever you've placed it on


Wide range of uses: Cable Clips are suitable for any cables in the home and office, such as LED lights, USB cables, TV cables, VGA cables, USB cables, TV cables, etc. It can make your location tidy and orderly and help you save time, and improve your quality of life.

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