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Mild Steel Hose Pipe Clamps

Zinc Plated ( w1 )
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General-purpose hose clamps are ideal for hose sealing and use in many different applications with a high mechanical load. With its tensile strength, high fracture torque and even tension force distribution, it sets the standard for modern hose clamps
is a thoroughly tested multi-purpose hose clamp, which opens up a new dimension in the field of innovative connection technology.
Typical applications for hose clamps are:
Cooling water or oil lines
Vacuum and pressure fuel lines and vent lines
De-(pressurised) fuel lines and vent lines
Connections in sanitary installations
Connections in the white goods industry
Hose connections in commercial vehicles industries
Air ducts, both vacuum and excess pressure applications (e. g. charged air)
9.7mm band width-Ideal for the connecting of fuel lines in the automotive industry, as well as for lines in the white right industry, for sanitary facilities or in machine construction.
 (11.7mm bandwidth): Especially suitable for general hose connections in most industries, where a high degree of mechanical stress can be expected.  worm drive hose clamps offer increased band power and perfect tightness.

The high degree of security reserves ensures maximum protection against over tightening which makes the clamp manually nearly "indestructible". The band inner side of the clamp is smooth so that the hose is protected from damage even when exposed to extreme compression.

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