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Jubilee Clips Knowledge Base

We were proud that is Registered Supplier/Stocker of Jubilee® Clips is only a few companies you can find a full range of their production. We stock and hold hundreds of different Jubilee® Clips products, please find detail information and specifications. Here you can see a full overview of the current Jubilee® product range.  Click on a product category for more details.

Introduction To Jubilee® Clips Range

Jubilee® Clips were manufactured as the first worm drive hose clamp in 1921, the company held the first patent for worm drive hose clips and has been making hose clips in Great Britain ever since.  The name Jubilee® Clip remains a registered trademark throughout the world.

The company now offers a wide range of clamping solutions including small clamps such as two ear ‘O’ clips and Jubilee® Junior (nut and bolt clamps), high strength clips such as High Torque and Superclamps, and cut to length banding and strapping systems known as Multiband.

The success of the company is based on the principal foundation of quality.  Through both the quality of our products and the quality of our service, we aim to be a company that you can rely on.

Product Range

Original Jubilee® Clip

Original Jubilee® Clip

High Torque



Quick Release Straps

Quick Release Straps


Light Range


''P'' Clip

''O'' Clip

Jubilee® Juniors

CV Boot Clips


Assorted Packs


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