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Strong Contact Adhesive 1000ML

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S1657 Adhesive TDS

Solvent-based contact adhesive based on synthetic rubber and tackifier resins. S1657 has good

adhesion and excellent tack. Very good resistance to oxidation and ageing, as well as good resistance

to cold and heat temperatures.

Typical Applications

Designed and formulated to bond waterproofing and insulations membranes like EPDM, BUTYLO,

POLYETHENE, etc. to each other by overlap and to different substrates and surfaces like concrete, cement,

wood, metal, etc

Instructions For Use.

Substrate Preparation All surfaces should be sound, dry, and free from oil, grease, dirt and loose

materials. Foams should be checked for contamination by mould release or cutting agents.

Application Glue should be applied by brush, serrated spreader to both surfaces to be bonded. Leave

to dry which usually takes between 2 mins and 20 mins. The adhesive film must be touch dry, which

means that it will no longer transfer from the substrate to the finger when touched. Under normal

conditions, the substrates should be bonded between 2 and 15 minutes after application.

Bonding Range and Pressure Recommended normal bonding pressure is 15-20 psi depending on the

compression strength of the substrates. The immediate bond strength is high enough to allow further

processing of the substrates. Full strength will develop in 48 hours

Technical Properties

· Solid content (NV): 44-46 %

· Brookfield Viscosity LVT(3.30): 2000-3000 cps, 22 +/- 4oC

· Colour: Light Amber. (It ́s possible to produce in BLACK color for specific applications

· Drying Time: Between 10-20 minutes, depending on the type and porosity of the materials and room

conditions such as humidity and temperature.

· Open Time: 50 ± 10 min.

· Coverage: From 1 to 2 m2 per litre depending on the type and porosity of the materials.

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