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Powerbond Stop Water Tape PTFE Plumbing Repair Tape, 12 m x 12 mm - White

Code: 56220-00000-00
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The tesa StopWater Tape has developed into the Standard equipment of millions of plumbers and homeowners all over Europe. It offers quick help whenever pipes are dripping and screw-type water connections are leaking. The non-adhesive white PTFE plumbers tape is ultra-thin and ideal to quickly and permanently stop any annoying water leak.

How to fix a leaky faucet

Water leaks usually result from screw-type connections of pipes or hoses that do not seal properly and allow water to penetrate through their screw threads. Typical situations are leaky showerheads as well as hose connections to washing machines or dishwashers. In such situations you usually do not need to replace the hose, faucet or valve. The only thing you need to do is unscrew the connection, wind a strip of tesa StopWater Tape around the screw thread and tighten the screw again.

Leaky sewer pipes quickly repaired

Why call a plumber just to fix a dripping sewer pipe under your washbasin or kitchen sink? With tesa StopWater Tape you can do it yourself and save the money. You only need to unscrew the leaking connection, wrap some of the ultra-thin PTFE tape around the threaded area and close the connection again. tesa StopWater Tape will effectively seal the screw connection and solve the problem permanently.

PTFE tape with specific characteristics

The tesa StopWater Tape is made from ultra-thin PTFE tape. It is highly deformable and impermeable for water. Forming an insulating layer between the threads of a screw connection it will fill any existing gaps and thereby prevent any water from penetrating. This works with a water pressure up to 6 bars and solves any leakage problem in the house.

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