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Are you looking for the best cable tie deals for all your fastening needs? At On1Shelf, we can help. We stock a fantastic range of standard, reusable, stainless steel, mounted head, push mount and double-headed cable ties, which are suitable for a wide range of applications. So whether you are looking for single-use marine-grade fastenings or need a releasable cable tie for applications that need adjustment, we can help you find the proper cable ties for your needs.

From heavy-duty cable ties and stainless steel cable ties to cable tie guns and assorted packs of ties, we have all the accessories you could need in one place. Commonly used in automotive, agriculture, computing and industrial industries, cable ties are an extremely versatile and durable temporary fixing with relatively high tensile strength. Look at the full range of cable ties and accessories below and order online for the best prices guaranteed. 

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Standard cable ties - This type of cable tie is a one-piece, self-locking fastener. They're usually considered single-use and can handle bundling requirements and tensile loop strength from 8 to 144kg. Standard cable ties exist in a wide variety of colours, and the width of the ties can also vary.

Releasable cable ties - Releasable cable ties are becoming more popular. They can be used more than once and are ideal for work on prototypes, as they can be re-used to allow new wires to add to a bundle. A releasable cable tie incorporates a lever or button that takes about 20kg of force. Standard colours are white or black nylon; however, some cable ties in different colours are starting to appear on the market, for example, green cable ties for horticultural uses.

Mounting head cable ties - Mounted head cable ties are designed to incorporate a mounting hole. Mount allows the cable tie to fasten by a screw so that it can be fixed to a vehicle chassis, panel or wall. Mounting-head cable ties can be used for bundle strengths between 20 and 60kg. Standard colours are usually black or natural nylon.

Push mount cable ties - Push mount cable ties have a built-in mounting device allowing cables to be attached to a panel or chassis without any additional fixings. The mount part of the tie is easily inserted into a pre-drilled hole and locks into place. Arrow nose, drive rivet, and blind hole stud cable ties are available.

Double-headed cable ties are ideal for running two parallel cables that need to be separated. They allow a second cable runs to install without additional cable ties.

Stainless steel cable ties - Stainless steel cable ties are most common in an automotive or industrial setting or any application where a nylon cable tie isn't up to the task. For example, it could be harsh environments or atmospheres with heat.

Choice of stainless steel cable tie sizes is available, with the standard being the 150mm, 200mm, 360mm, 400mm, 500mm, 800mm and up to 1.5m extended options, in three width sizes of 4.5mm, 7.9mm and 12.0mm.

Reusable cable ties - also referred to as releasable. Most reusable cable ties use a trigger release, while some use a pawl release. The trigger release mechanism holds everything together tightly and only releases with a human touch. The pawl release button is part of the head ratchet and can release by pressing the pawl to handle down to release the ratchet from the tie so the tail can quickly be taken off.