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Jubilee® Original Range Mild Steel Hose Pipe Clips Zinc Plated

British Made
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Original Range Jubilee® Clips in zinc protected mild steel are favourite clips. Ideally suited for most day to day requirements for joining hose in areas such as the automotive industry and the automotive aftermarket, agricultural applications, such as irrigation and farm machinery, pneumatic and hydraulic applications in the industrial sector, hardware/DIY applications and in construction

Mild Steel:

Also known as carbon steel, mild steel is the most common form of steel for all applications and hose clips are no different.  It is also one of the broadest grades of steel covering a wide range of mechanical properties,  means that understanding and specifying the correct classes can have a significant impact on the performance of a finished product.  For example, the stresses and requirements for a sheet of steel forming a body panel on a car would be completely different than those for the material for the band of a hose clamp.  Indeed the ideal hose clamp material specification is not even the same for the housing as for the band.  That's is why material selection is taken very seriously at Jubilee®.

One disadvantage of mild steel is that it has a little natural resistance to corrosion, overcome by applying a coating, most commonly of zinc.  Variances in coating methods and standards mean that corrosion resistance can be an area of extreme difference between hose clips.  The British Standard for hose clips requires a 48-hour strength from significant red rust in a 5% neutral salt spray test and many non-kitemarked products cannot reach this.  At Jubilee, our internal tests have revealed some products on the market, not of our manufacture, showing significant red rust within the first 15 hours of the test.  Our clips all reach a minimum 72 hours and our Original, Light and Multiband ranges are all capable of surviving 240 hours in the neutral salt spray test.

Whether you want to secure high-pressure pipes or use the clips for a wealth of other uses within a car, Jubilee clips are the industry standard. The Zinc plated, or Stainless Steel Jubilee clips which are also known as hose clamps or hose clips are manufactured in the UK with rigorous quality control procedures to ensure the clips produced to the highest standards possible.

The applications for the versatile Jubilee clips extended in various situations from home usage in plumbing to holding and securing road signs. The highly durable zinc plating protects the stainless steel clip for confidence in using the clips. A hose clip might not be the most expensive part of an installation, but if it fails the results could be disastrous and this why, Jubilee chosen time after time.

In 1921, Jubilee invented the worm drive hose clip, and they have been manufacturing them ever since. From the original patents to the current BS requirements, the company has led the world with consistently high quality. The comprehensive range of products enables users everywhere to be confident that Jubilee has a clip to suit their application. These days, Jubilee is not the only manufacturer of hose clip and clamping materials, but they are still the finest, setting the standard to which all competitors aspire.

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