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Layflat Polythene Tubing - 10 Inches (254mm) width, 330m Long - 250 Gauge (62.5mu)

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Layflat Polythene Tubing is a versatile and economical packaging solution for businesses of all sizes. With this product, you can produce custom-length plastic bags on demand, making it perfect for irregular-sized items. In addition, our high-quality 250 gauge polythene tubing allows you to create loads of any length you need, ensuring minimal wastage and reducing your packaging costs.

Quick and straightforward to use:

  • Our Layflat Polythene Tubing comes in a continuous tube wound onto a roll for your convenience. All you have to do is cut the tubing to the desired length and seal the ends as needed.
  • Without needing specialized equipment, you can create bags on demand without fuss.

Excellent protection for your products

  • Moisture, dust, and dirt can all cause damage to your products during transit or storage. Our waterproof polythene tubing offers excellent protection to keep your items clean, dry, and fresh.
  • You can rely on our tubing to provide a barrier against external elements and safeguard your products.

Economical and versatile

  • Layflat Polythene Tubing offers an economical solution for packing long or awkwardly-shaped products, as it helps to avoid wasted material.
  • This versatile product is necessary for packing departments and warehouses to streamline packaging processes and reduce costs.

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Layflat Tubing
Material Thikness62.5 micron
Width10 Inches (254mm)
MaterialPolythene (Polyethylene)
Roll Length330m